About Us

Prtenjača Agrotourism is located in Polača. Polača is half way between the two town centers of Benkovac and Biograd na Moru, only 10 km away from the sea.

Our family lives for generations in this area, dealing with traditional and agricultural jobs such as cattle breeding, fruit growing, olive growing, vineyard and wine making. The pole divides the destiny and other surrounding places that have been devastated and destroyed in many wars throughout history, and most in the last Domovinskom ratu. By burning our lives and after the war, we remain faithful and consistent with traditional and indigenous meals that are passed on from generation to generation to our family. Likewise, in our vineyards are present native autochthonous wine varieties, giving wines rich in flavors and scents. This is a story about new beginnings after the war.

The power of will. The story of love about your grandfather. The story of preserved food recipes and wines. Recovering the houses, cellars and taverns we have returned our lives to our hearths. Our vineyards give us fruitful returns, effort, love and passion for viniculture and winemaking. Get to know our customs, tradition, our indigenous domestic dishes and taste our wines. You are welcome to our rural household. This is little part of our story ...



Meet food and wine tradition that is passed from generation to generation.



Visit us and enjoy in our rustic-style tavern, specific to our region.